Showing | The Condom Play

Showing | The Condom Play

Avant-Premier – December 1st 2010 in Fortaleza (CE), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), São Paulo (SP), Cuiabá (MT), Mato Grosso do Sul (MS), Rio Branco (AC) in Brazil and Cape Verde in Africa.

December 2, 2010 – exhibition in Quixadá and Juatama (CE-Brazil)

From January to June 2011 - exhibitions in various cities in the interior of Ceará (Pacoti, Sobral, Tauá, Juazeiro do Norte, Crato, Horizonte, Acopiara, Caridade, Antonina do Norte, Jijoca de Jericoacora, Guaraciaba do Norte, Senador Pompeu, Massapé, Caucaia, Maranguape. Maracanau, Eusébio)

January and February 2011 - Screening at Cine SESC São Luis / Fortaleza (CE-Brazil)

April 2011 - showing in the television broadcast Cine Nordeste - TV Diário

May 2011 - UNICEF/Ce has distributed the film to 440 municipalities in the state of Ceará, Piauí and Maranhão in Brazil

June 2011 - exhibition in Brasília (DF) in UN Cares - the area of ​​HIV/AIDS in the ILO - International Labour Organization

1st December 2011 - exhibition in several states of Brazil and Cape Verde/Africa

April 27/2012 - Europe, in Geneva/Switzerland, at the M.Gandhi Hall, the building of the Maison Internationale des Associations.

November 30/2012 - Exhibition at the World Health Organization/UNAIDS headquarters in Geneva/Switzerland

1st December 2012 - Exhibition at World Day against AIDS in Geneva / Switzerland

From 15 to 20 May 2013 – Marché du Film/Cannes Festival

April 27/2012 – European premiere, Genebra/Suíça. Sala M. Gandhi, no prédio da Maison Internationale des Associations.

November 30/2012 – Exhibition at Organização Mundial da Saúde na sede da UNAIDS in Genebra/Suiça

September 28/2013 – Special exibition at Festival COMUNICURTAS 2013 – Campina Grande/PB

September 29/2013 – Teatro Severino Cabral - Campina Grande/PB

March 13/ 2014 - Brasilia/DF - Exibition at IV Mostra Nacional de Experiências em Atenção Básica/ Saúde da Família

May 16/2014 - Fortaleza/CE - Exibition in the program of the 12ª Semana de Museus - Museu da Imagem e do Som - MIS, at 15h - Auditório


The Condom Play (35mm) is a medium-length feature film by Clebio Viriato Ribeiro, freely adapted from the screenplay by José Mapurunga. The film is a fiction, genre comedy, 45 minutes long. It features educational content, focusing on prevention of AIDS.More on


Turning the camera to the Northeastern diversity of artistic expressions , director Clebio Viriato preserved the playfulness, the human content and signs of everyday life that ensured the popularity and good acceptance by a variety of audiences.More on

Heading the cast of The Condom Play is Chico Anysio, Carri Costa, Nadia Aguiar, Brasilino Freitas, Sidney Souto, Ana Marlene Marcos Amaral, Vanessia Gomes, with the special participation of Gero Camilo, André Lucas and Sérvulo Esmeralso. More on