Film | The Condom Play

Film | The Condom Play


The project started at Street Theatre against AIDS, financed by the Institute of Health and Social Development, a non-governmental organization with its headquarters in Fortaleza. In September of 1996 the ISDS invited 13 theatre groups from Ceará to present, each in its own style, the “cordel” text written by José Mapurunga, entitled The Condom Play. First, actors and directors attended courses on awareness of sexually transmitted diseases, reproductive health, and citizenship. From then on, the play has had an unprecedented effect. It has been attended by more than 300,000 people in Ceará alone. Also, the play has reached other states such as Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, Pernambuco, and Mato Grosso. The play has also been performed in various locations, such as theatres, public squares, fairs, cultural centers, bus terminals, and buildings.

The Association of Cinema and Video of Quixadá (ACVQ) wished to approach the subject from another medium: a short film of the The Condom Play by José Mapurunga - a variation of the same theme. Turning the camera to the diverse manifestations of northeast art, the director, Clébio Ribeiro wants to preserve the lucidity, the human content, and the everyday aspects that guaranty the popularity and the acceptance of the play.  

The short play The Condom Play is presented at festivals, cinema clubs, universities and non-governmental organizations. While the play presents themes of health and STDs, it uses images of everyday life, popular and local language to achieve this end. Lack of information about STDs, stereo types and prejudices will be addressed.

The Condom Play was entirely filmed in the period from 01 to 10 March 2009, in the city of Quixadá/CE/Brazil in the district Juatama.


Juatama, a peaceful city in rural Ceará (Brazil) is about to receive the prestigious title of the Historic Landmark of Humanity. 
The anxious city prepares itself for the arrival of the Quarto Besouro, who will come to give the final verdict in regards to whether the city has the necessary conditions to receive the coveted title.

The population all attend in the public square, its most varied folk manifests, the best that they can to try to convince Quarto Besouro that they do indeed merit the title.
During the visit of Quarto Besouro, an unexpected event occurs with the director of theatre group Lionor, which will change the course of history.


The Condom Play (35mm) is a medium-length feature film by Clebio Viriato Ribeiro, freely adapted from the screenplay by José Mapurunga. The film is a fiction, genre comedy, 45 minutes long. It features educational content, focusing on prevention of AIDS.More on


Turning the camera to the Northeastern diversity of artistic expressions , director Clebio Viriato preserved the playfulness, the human content and signs of everyday life that ensured the popularity and good acceptance by a variety of audiences.More on

Heading the cast of The Condom Play is Chico Anysio, Carri Costa, Nadia Aguiar, Brasilino Freitas, Sidney Souto, Ana Marlene Marcos Amaral, Vanessia Gomes, with the special participation of Gero Camilo, André Lucas and Sérvulo Esmeralso. More on