Partners | The Condom Play

Partners | The Condom Play

The movie project The Condom Play was contemplated by the I Edital Mecenas do Ceará 2008 from the Secretary of Culture of the State Ceará (SECULT) and received support from the Secretary of Health of the State Ceará (SESA)

Supported by:
Ministry of Culture/Rouanet Law,
Ministry of Health - PN/DST/Aids,
Assembléia Legislativa do Ceará,
City Hall of  Fortaleza,
City Hall of Quixadá,
Companhia Energética do Ceará – COELCE,
Bank of Northest of Brazil - BNB,
Radio Television of Cape Verde
Mungango Productions 
Anhamum Audiovisual Productions
Red Line Filmes 


The Condom Play (35mm) is a medium-length feature film by Clebio Viriato Ribeiro, freely adapted from the screenplay by José Mapurunga. The film is a fiction, genre comedy, 45 minutes long. It features educational content, focusing on prevention of AIDS.More on


Turning the camera to the Northeastern diversity of artistic expressions , director Clebio Viriato preserved the playfulness, the human content and signs of everyday life that ensured the popularity and good acceptance by a variety of audiences.More on

Heading the cast of The Condom Play is Chico Anysio, Carri Costa, Nadia Aguiar, Brasilino Freitas, Sidney Souto, Ana Marlene Marcos Amaral, Vanessia Gomes, with the special participation of Gero Camilo, André Lucas and Sérvulo Esmeralso. More on