Director | The Condom Play

Director | Clébio Viriato


Clébio Viriato Ribeiro (44) is Audiovisual Director, Producer, Director and Post Graduate in Audiovisual Electronic Media at the Federal University of Ceará. Clébio started his activities in the audiovisual area as student filmmaker with Eusélio Oliveira (Film) and at the Casa Amarela / UFC (Video). Clébio is a direct representative of the generation of video makers who started the audiovisual movement in the 80's in the state of Ceara. He founded the Association of Film and Video of Quixadá and idealized the event Quixadá Mostra Cinema. Clébio also founded the Cine Clube Mestre Adolfo, the first cine club in the central interior of Ceará and the Cine Club Avenida. Clébio is Production Coordinator of the Festival de Jericoacoara - Digital Cinema.
Clébio Viriato is directed the films The Condom Play, The Wedding, Mage and is creator and executive producer of the documentary Holy Mother, thy name is Zima

Clébio Viriato produced the films The Fifteen, Corisco and Dada, White Field, Every Girl, Condom Golden Valley and O passageiro Pau de Arara.
 He directed the documentaries Aurora commands the highwaymen, AIDS Art X, Strength and Life of Boys & Girls Fortress, Maracatu of prevention, The Art of Making Swarm, Video Hinterland without AIDSA light from heaven, Fala Ator, While there is sun and The Art of Being Citizen - FUNCI.
 Clébio wrote the screenplays: The bowl of soup, The Black Cat, Ana Africa and The Blue Liquor. Clébio founded the newspaper O Quixadá and published the book When the blade cuts.

Clébio is member of the Academy of Arts from Quixadá occupying the chair number 08.


The Condom Play (35mm) is a medium-length feature film by Clebio Viriato Ribeiro, freely adapted from the screenplay by José Mapurunga. The film is a fiction, genre comedy, 45 minutes long. It features educational content, focusing on prevention of AIDS.More on


Turning the camera to the Northeastern diversity of artistic expressions , director Clebio Viriato preserved the playfulness, the human content and signs of everyday life that ensured the popularity and good acceptance by a variety of audiences.More on

Heading the cast of The Condom Play is Chico Anysio, Carri Costa, Nadia Aguiar, Brasilino Freitas, Sidney Souto, Ana Marlene Marcos Amaral, Vanessia Gomes, with the special participation of Gero Camilo, André Lucas and Sérvulo Esmeralso. More on